Student life

Stellenbosch is one of the most famous student towns in South Africa. By being part of the Stellenbosch Rugby Academy (SRA) you have the opportunity to experience the thrill of the exhilarating Stellenbosch student life. We want to make sure the players are happy.

Student Affairs

The SRC is part of our management team and is 24/7 responsible for the welfare of our students. They meet with students weekly. There are mainly six dimensions of a person's life, contributing to make you a happy person: physically, emotionally, intellectually, career, social and spiritual. This following two unique programmes help our students to be happy, and to achieve their full potential. It is presented as follow:

Student Support Programme

This unique program helps our students to meet the demands of student life effectively cope, overcome obstacles and ultimately achieve their full potential.

IndividualThe Weekly Spiritual Hope is a voluntary home cell. It takes place every week. We are partnering with Scas. Our Sport Chaplin assists with the counselling of problems.
Career advice (psychometric assessment of personality, aptitude and interests tests) and psychology services available in cooperation with the US.
Student housesThere is a Superintendent, SR and house captains. House meetings take place every week.
ParentsStudents and parents receive a Prospectus. We communicate via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (ongoing), newsletters (quarterly). Parents also receive a dvd of the year.
We believe that the different elements of our Social program are essential for an unforgettable student life. Every student deserves the opportunity to celebrate this special time to the fullest! We plan a variety of interesting activities this year. Hopefully every student will return with many stories of all their adventures!

Social Events
Maties JOOLFirst Year AthleticsSenior Social EveningT20 CricketLions Head hike, Clifton
Social EveningRugby outingsGames nightLawn BowlingInstay weekends
Informal dancePotjie competitionSR Circus /CampHanedineeeach Touchies
Reunie functionFormal danceBeach DayVarsity CupAmazing race
Spiritual activitiesCommunity serviceParent ActivitiesSokkies