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We understand that if we want to send a generation of students into the market that have an advantage over other students, they must be equipped with relevant qualifications as well as sufficient practical experience. Whether you have a passion for rugby as player, coach, referee or game analyst - and want to make it your career, or you want to combine it with other relevant teaching or management courses - we offer an opportunity for you!

We offer students different options: from certificate, diploma to degree studies.

Sport Coaching and Management (Gap Year course)Sport, Recreation and Fitness Management Diploma Other Degree / Diploma / Certificate options
SRA / EtaSRA / EtaUnisa, Intec, school (matric mark)
1 year2 years (degree longer)Depends on institution

A tipical learning pathway at SRA will be a follow:

Learning pathway
No matric excemptionSport Coaching and Business Management programme (SRA Gap year course); OR
Sport Recreation and Fitness Management Diploma – ETA course (can lead to degree) OR
Any Certificate / Diploma course with Intec College
Matric excemptionBEd or BCom or any other degree course
Do our extra matric classes in Feb / March to get matric excemption – exam in March.
(Mathematics and Science can also be done via Master Maths in town.)
We will now explain these 5 options.
”85% of the success in getting, keeping and advancing a job is connected to soft skills. Thus leaving only 15% , to techical knowledge.”

We understand that if we want to send a generation of students into the market that have an advantage over other students, they must be equipped with relevant qualifications as well as sufficient practical experience. Whether you have a passion for rugby as player, coach, referee or game analyst and want to make it your career, or you want to combine it with other relevant courses - we offer an opportunity for you!

We follow a modern approach to learning, where presentation is combined with interactive e-learning (videos, questionnaires, case studies, content, activities / scenarios, tasks and tests. Graduate students (3’d Years) get the great opportunity to do a practical internship /finishing year with SRA. The programme includes: Coaching, referee, analyses, marketing, scouting, management and IT.

We will now explain the programs:

  • Sport Coaching & Business Management Diploma
  • Other courses

Sport Coaching and Management Diploma

The sport and business industry is a multi-billion rand industry and is the creator of many thousands of jobs. There is a definite gap in SA and overseas regarding top sport coaches, managers and entrepreneurs.

SRA, in cooperation with Online Academy, FCE and Unisa present one of the most innovative and practical courses in the sport (specifically rugby) and business environment. Furthermore we combine SRA's philosophy about sports and rugby with world class partners like World Rugby (previously IRB) and SARU. It is unique, because it gives our students a holistic understanding as the learning (theory) and practical (training) compliments each other all the time.

Rugby is a wonderful tool that shapes us for life. The very reason you are reading these words is a testimony that something about this game has touched your soul, has ignited your passion and fuelled your spirit. Sport in general creates opportunities for us to grow, socialize and broaden our cultural awareness. It also teaches us that there is a prize to pay if you want to excel in life and that through perseverance you can reach your goals. In our society today we see a lot of people giving up on their goals, dreams, marriages and relationships, because they were not willing to go the extra mile or give attention to the detail. It seems that we are looking for a quick fix or the fast track to success without a willingness to apply ourselves to the nitty-gritty.

This course has been designed to help you walk the extra mile; To look into the detail of the SRA Way of Play and to ultimately assist you in becoming a professional rugby player, coach, referee, analyst or manager. Too many players think that they can skip the nitty-gritty and that playing rugby at a high level is limited to the playing field only.

  • Train professional and innovative coaches, referees, analysts and managers.
  • Equip students with comprehensive and practical skills so that they can start and run their own businesses (entrepreneurs); or could be involved in other businesses (business managers).

The program takes 2 years full-time, and offers a balance of theoretical study, practical training and work-based learning experience to prepare students for the exciting world of sport and business. A complete Ppoint and video are available on our website. The program is presented as follow:
  • Classes on campus
  • Courses on / off campus
  • Online studies (cell phone or laptop)
  • Practical: Student do practically 100h / year

Parents and students receive the following:
  • Reports / year
  • See continuous progress of student on online platform
  • See attendance statistics classes weekly on our website

Stellenbosch Rugby Academy 19Inligting Pakket 201818 Stellenbosch Rugby Academy Inligting Pakket 2018 The programme consists out of the following three study fields:
  • Rugby 101 / 201
  • Game of Life
  • Business Management

Rugby 101 / 201 The student must understand:
  • Appreciate those who has gone before you & that you are inspired to leave your own mark.
  • The DNA of SRA.
  • What we stand for and what we are all about.
  • What character is and how you can develop your own character.
  • A High Performance Environment / Culture.
  • A High Performance Conditioning program.
  • How to become mentally tough & battle hardened.
  • The basic Principles of play – The SRA way.
  • How to assess your own game.

Game of Life
It is important that each student understands why SRA is Christ Centered. The Gospel is an incredible story to tell. We must inform, instruct and inspire people to be willing to be used by God in the greatest cause in all human history. It is presented in cooperation with our partner FCE – as a camp each term. Business management The course is presented in cooperation with Unisa and Online Academy. Students choose 20 courses of their choice annually. Each course consists of 8 modules (1 hour each). Students are given ample time to work on it during the day. They complete a course (of 8 moduels) each 2’d week. Parents can continiously monitor students progress via the online portal.

Career possibilities
  • Ability to coach at junior to a First team level.
  • Qualify to referee at school and club level.
  • Game and performance analyst.
  • Coach different sport codes.
  • Assist with First aid and occupational health and safety.
  • PT presenters in schools.
  • Fitness and conditioning coach.
  • individuals and teams.
  • Lifestyle consultant, present life skills.
  • Programme designer.
  • Sports Club administrator and sports facility administrator.
  • Community sports leader and Corporate sports officer.
  • Manager and Team manager.
  • Sport tournament- or sport project manager.
  • Sponsorship management, marketer.
  • Financial management in sport environment.
  • Player recruitment.
  • Entrepreneurship or small business management – incl. selling, human resources, computers / IT, customer service.

Rugby 101 (SRA)Game of Life (FCE)Management 1 (Unisa / Online Academy) – Select own 20 courses from:
Rugby ReadySRA Culture and Philosophy 1 The Word Sport Management
Coaching: World Rugby Level 1Conditioning the SRA way 1 God, the Father, SonFundamental Skills
Keep Rugby Clean / Keep rugby onsidePerformance Analyses 1God, the Son Marketing
Referee 1 / Laws of the gameSRA Principles of Play 1 God, the Holy SpiritManagement
SARU Boksmart Safety program Practical 1The Two KingdomsHuman Resources
History of the gameComputer
Customer Service
Occupational Health and Safety
Life Skills
Small Business Mangement
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Other courses

We offer a unique support program in January / February, where our students are assisted in the supplementary examination to obtain their matriculation -exemption or better their marks. Then they can write the supplementary examination in March. Mathematics and Science can also be done in town by Master Maths. It is important that students immediately register with the Department of Education, with Luckhoff Secondary in Stellenbosch as an examination centre.

University of Stellenbosch (US)

Some students would like to play Young Guns or Varsity Cup. They can either write the supplementary matric exam to better their marks or study via Unisa (certain subjects are recognized by US) - and study the next year at US. Students can still study Sport Management and Coaching at SRA. More information is available on request.

Unisa and Intec College

These two accredited institutions offer a variety of degree, diploma or certificate courses. We provide each student with a staff member to act as his mentor, to assit that his studies will be successful. We would strongly recommend that students apply by mid-August at Unisa (R100), just to keep their options open. It cannot be done at a later stage. Then they can register the following year during January or June for a specific course.

More info available on request.

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