Academic Program (CTU Training Solutions)

We have a passion to develop professionals and work together with the industry in creating up-to-date and relevant programmes, in order to equip our graduates with the right skills to successfully enter the SA job market.

At CTU TRAINING and Stellenbosch Rugby Academy we understand that if we want to send students into the market, that have an advantage over other students, they must be equipped with top and relevant qualifications. We also believe that a student / player must spend 50% of his time to obtain a good qualification. Therefore, it is important for us to offer a a variety of great qualifications to you!

Our vision is to create an exceptional educational experience.
- Ronald Meeske, CEO

Background CTU

CTU Training, established in 1987, is a private tertiary education provider with 15 campuses nationwide. CTU offers various full time or part time courses. More than 100 000 students were certified the past 5 years. We offer a variety of up-to-date qualifications as well as -specific international certifications which prepares the graduates for a future filled with exciting opportunities internationally

How to choose the right career?

It is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. Students can complete the Career test before hand or in the beginning of the year. It is an international recognized online career guidance tool which evaluates a student’s ability, personality and interests - matching the results to an extensive database of local and international job profiles. Combined with an interview, it helps our students to make the right career choice.


Career opportunities for certified Business, IT and Design candidates are increasing rapidly. We work together with the industry in creating up-to-date and relevant programs, in order to equip our graduates with the right skills to successfully enter the South African job market.

Students will train half of their day as part of the Rugby program.

During the other part they will with have full time class on the CTU campus. We will give feedback to parents weekly about a student’s attendance. Students will have the following Business, IT and Design options (1 – 3 years) at the Stellenbosch campus:
Business Management
Financial Accounting
Generic Management
HR Management & Practices
Office Administration
Project Management
Cloud & Security professional - Cisco
IT Network Design & Administration
IT Cloud Administration
IT Technical Support
Software & Application Development
Visual Communication
Graphic Design

There are a variety of more than 900 short courses and corporate programs.


CTU’s own recruitment division, CTU Recruits, offers an essential and professional service to our students; to help them prepare for the workplace and to our corporate partners; providing them with the ability to appoint prime talent.


CTU is registered as a private higher education institution in terms of section 53(3) of the Higher Education Act, 1997 (Act Nº 101 of 1997), and Regulation 16(4)(b) of the Regulations for the Registration of Private Higher Education Institutions, 2002. (Nº 2014/HE07/004).


Visit us at: , or find the prospectus on our website. You are also welcome to visit us for a career assessment or interview.