March 20, 2016
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This camps are for: Aspiring professional players, promising players interested in a rugby career, players who need High Performance specialisation in their position, coaches and game analysts. The aim is to to build a solid foundation for these players that will better prepare them for their rugby future. Camps can be for 2 – 8 weeks – or longer.The programme is includes:



-We can accommodate a small or big group any time of the year. Depending on part of season, we can help to organize friendly matches in that time too.

-Welcoming and Info session,weekly meetings / 1-on-1’s

-Players of all ages welcome, including kids between the ages of 14 -18 years also welcome – coach must asssit. Normally the younger players stay 2 weeks.

-Players do not need to take out special rugby insurance for the players, but we have a good option of Discovery for players that are interested.

-English classes can be arranged.


Accommodation/meals, Student life

-Safe, modern accommodation and two healthy, balanced, nutritious meals daily (weekends breakfast only), wi-fi, cleaning, bedding, exc.

-Social events, sight seeing and community projects and activities

-Chaperone and 24/7 support

-See Info Leaflet for more details


Rugby HP programme

-See Info leaflet: Philosophy, HP programme, week programme, coaching staff

-We use guest coaches from Maties, WP, SARU High Performance Unit (Pieter de Villiers, Chean Roux, Jarques Nienhaber), WP Institute, SA 7’s (Marius Schoeman) and others like Allan Zondagh, Brendan Venter.

-Training kit and clothes

-Medical clinics

-Transport to rugby activities – including airport transfer

-Report with feedback, on-line rapports / footage , training programme, certificate