Programmes 2019

Our passion is to inspire players and professionals to become men of value. They must understand who they are and where they are going. We want to create a career via rugby for all our students by broadening their performance and professional opportunities. This journey will change their lives!!

There are two options:

Rugby High Performance program (1 year)

The development year after school is the most important year for aspiring players not contracted as a professional player. The holistic development of each individual from being an aspiring professional player to not making it into the elite groups, will help them to handle the positive and negative of being a professional rugby player, but also for the same type of journey in life.

This program is aimed at the development of the individual player: not only physically and mentally, but to ensure that he is indeed a student of rugby. Personal attention is guaranteed: The Conditioning coaches and mentors will ensure that the player develops his skills to performance at his best in his position. Each player receives an individually designed program – as well as certain nutrition and medical assistance.

The student will also complete the following short courses: Rugby ready, SARU Boksmart Safety, Coaching (World Rugby Level 1), Laws of the Game (World Rugby), Life Skills (incl. sport psychology). There a various other World Rugby courses that can be done online.

Entry Requirements:

The SRA Application form must be completed and submitted with the latest Grade 12 results and ID copy of the student. The form must be completed with full detail regarding the student’s rugby achievements and references.

Students will also be subject to a strict selection process, which involves the following:

- Initial screening: Submission of the Application form - along with a Rugby CV and credible references from previous coaches. A video link of previous games will be an advantage.
- Further screening: A comprehensive medical examination (at the cost of the student) at the start of the year by the appointed medical providers of the SRA. Fitness and skills tests will be conducted during the Induction week at the SRA.
- Ongoing screening, monitoring and evaluations: The student will be subject to continuous HP (High Performance) evaluations during the program.
- The student will be required to have consultations with a qualified Nutritionist at the cost of the student at the commencement of the program as well as every term. The Nutritionist will visit the SRA during every term to adjust meal plans according to the student’s performance. One meal per day will be provided as part of the program cost.

Take note that players must meet certain minimum medical requirements during the tests. Otherwise, they will be advised to also take the Academic program.

Students successfully qualifying for, and completing the HP programme, meeting all the evaluation and performance criteria, will be supported and exposed for placement or exchange both nationally and internationally. The cost of international placement or exchange will be determined once a placement is secured and will be for the cost of the student.

Rugby and Academic Combination program

Most young rugby players dream of becoming a professional player. But, if he does not succeed, what is he going to do after his rugby career?After the HP program, he will have a better understanding what he wants to do with the rest of his life.

Students complete the Rugby standard program of SRA, as well as a chosen Academic (CTU) programme from the Business, IT and Design faculties or alternatively Sports Management from ETA. This ensures that the student has a registered, accredited National qualification whilst also participating in and completing the standard SRA rugby programme.

CTU will consult with every student before his year of studies commence and or during the SRA induction week. The Professional Personality Aptitude testing will be performed on every student to ensure that every student registers for an academic program that will not only ensure future employability for his life after rugby, but is also the ideal chosen field of study for every student based on the test outcome.

The student will complete the same short courses as the HP program – PLUS the chosen recommended Academic program from CTU or Sports Management from ETA.

Entry Requirements:

The same SRA Application form must be completed and submitted with the latest Grade 12 results and ID copy of the student. The form must be completed with full detail regarding the student’s rugby achievements and references.
- CTU Entry requirements: Please take note that every academic program offered by CTU through its various faculties has specific entry requirements. CTU will engage with every applicant in a detailed consultation.
- ETA Entry requirements: ETA has prescribed entry requirements for Sports Management and the applicant will engage with an ETA representative to determine such.
- All SRA registered students will be subject to a Medical evaluation at the student’s cost at the start of the year either by his own Medical Practitioner or the appointed Practitioner from SRA. The completed medical evaluation has to be submitted to the SRA.
- All registered students will be subject to the Fitness / Conditioning and Skills tests at the start of the year.

Visit them at: See prospectus on our website.

CTU Academic programmes to choose from

See more CTU Academic Programmes .

2nd and 3rd year options:

  1. The student can register for a 2nd year at SRA with Coaching as a field of specialization. 7’s and 15’s courses are offered as well as the placement of the qualified students as a coaches at schools and/or clubs.
  2. Student can continue in a 2nd year at the SRA with a 2nd year at CTU or HP Program should the student meet the entry requirements for the HP program.
  3. Student can pursue a 3rd year into the SA Referee program to become a qualified Referee should this be a choice as field of specialization.


One of the exciting NEW options we have, is to give students the opportunity to go and play rugby overseas. Info leaflet available on request on on our website.
We want to send some of our selected players or coaches to overseas Clubs or Academies for the off-season (between Sept – March) or a period that suits the club. We will ask the Club to arrange accommodation / food, club kit and transport. The flight ticket, spending money, passport and visa will be for the player’s account.
Why go overseas? See this as a great opportunity to develop and gain valuable experience, not for making money in the beginning. The player will experience different coaching techniques and styles. Perhaps there will be opportunities of selection for representative teams that you may not have in own country, do an internship or perhaps get a scholarship or study. In the process you can experience other places and cultures.