Programmes 2019

Our passion is to develop individual players and coaches – to understand who they are and where they are going. This journey will change their lives!

Gap Year

This Rugby program is designed as a Gap Year for young rugby players between the ages of 19 and 21. The development year after school is the most important year for aspiring players not contracted as a professional player. The holistic development of each individual from being an aspiring professional player to not making it into the elite groups, will help them to handle the positive and negative of being a professional rugby player, but also for the same type of journey in life.

We have seen that most young men need a year of guidance to decide in which direction their new chapter in life would start. Our unique Internship and Practical program, that forms part of the Rugby course, will help them to bridge the gap between education and a career, and assist them in discovering their true potential. On the Academic side, students must select their own short courses from a variety of options at Oxbridge Academy (part 6).

Most young rugby players dream of becoming a professional player. But, if he does not succeed, what is he going to do after his rugby career? After the Gap year, he will have a better understanding what he wants to do with the rest of his life.

Rugby Coaching program

This practical program offers a balance of theoretical study, practical training and work-based learning experience to prepare students for the exciting world of coaching. It will be selected from the following short courses:
Coaching (World Rugby level 1)Chaperone / Teamwork
Sevens (World Rugby level 1)Scouting
Laws of the Game (World Rugby)Social media
Referee 1 (World Rugby)Rugby Performance Analysis
SARU Club ManagementSport massage
Rugby medicSport Psychology for Coaches
Concussion / Keep Rugby CleanPT in schools
SARU Boksmart SafetyWork / Play rugby Overseas
Tag rugbySport Chaplin
The Coaching 15’s and 7’s courses (World Rugby level 2) as well as more practical experience can be done the following year.

Rugby HP programme Combine (SA & Overseas)

This is one of our exciting NEW programmes, where we give students the opportunity to go and play rugby overseas. Our partner, Eco SA Sport and Travel, will assist us in this regard. Info leaflet available on request on our website

We want to send some of our promising and selected players or coaches to overseas Clubs or Academies for the off-season (between Sept – March) or a period that suits the club. We will ask the Club to arrange accommodation / food, club kit and transport. We will arrange the flight ticket - the spending money, passport and visa will be for the player’s account.

Why go overseas? See this as a great opportunity to develop and gain valuable experience, not for making money in the beginning. The player will experience different coaching techniques and styles. Perhaps there will be opportunities of selection for representative teams that you may not have in own country, do an internship or perhaps get a scholarship or study. In the process you can experience other places and cultures.

Rugby High Performance Diploma

This is our traditional program, where players complete the Rugby and Academic course in 2 years. See Info Leaflet (part 5, 6) for full details.

Internship and Exchange programme (Year 3)

Graduate students now have a great opportunity to do a formal SA internship of their choice. It helps that young people do not stay unemployed or start with a wrong career choice. We have a partnership with XChangeSA. They concentrate in finding opportunities in internships or volunteer programs in and around Cape Town. Internships are of a high quality, some with very large companies or organisations - in any field of study or interest.

We can also send selected players for an Exchange program to local / overseas Clubs for the off-season or certain period, while the overseas players come to Stellenbosch Rugby Academy for the same or other period. The Club will arrange accommodation, club kit, transport and food - and we will do the same here. The spending money and flight costs will normally be for the player’s account, but assistance can be considered depending on the club and player’s needs. Players can also work overseas (Workaways or Away2Xplore) and earn good money.