Registration Process

• Study this information leaflet carefully.
• A personal appointment (student and parents – as far as possible) is scheduled to discuss your needs and expectations.
• A complete Registration form of the Rugby Academy (available on our web site or on-line), along with a certified copy of the matric certificate/ results are required.
• Students receive a provisional letter of registration, with student number that can be used for study loans, etc.
• As soon as the deposit for the course fees and accommodation is paid, you will receive a final letter of confirmation and further correspondence.
• Registration closes 31 October; after that students can apply for late registration (should there be space available).

Payments are done as follow:

  • After successful application:
    Registration fee (not refundable): Course (R5 000) and accommodation (R5 000)
  • Payment 1:
    A week before registration: Course fees (7 Jan.)
  • Payment 2:
    Registration day: Accommodation fees (14 Jan.)

Study loans and bursaries

SRA has a special agreement with ABSA, where parents receive 100% student loans if creditworthy. More information about student loans is available on our website (documents/ loans and bursaries). Apply in advance.

We also have a partnership with Fundi Capital if parents want to do monthly payments. Fundi is a registered credit provider. Since inception, they have awarded nearly 900 000 loans to the value of more than R5,5 bn in SA. They offer educational loans (and bursaries) for all levels of tuition – schools, universities and colleges. It covers the following fees: registration, course, textbooks, accommodation, laptop / tablet, other study equipment, as well as outstanding balances. There are no credit checks for Government employees (eg. education, police, defense force, law and order, correctional services, municipality, sport, culture, home affairs, traffic, justice, hospitals, Eskom; …). Contact our coordinator, Thorn Williams, directly now, to assist you with financing your fees: or 086 263 2069 or 061 370 1028.

We also offer merit bursaries for top players. Visit our website (documents / loans and bursaries) for more info. Please contact Mrs. Brand at our office for detailed information about different payment options.

Annual Costs (2018)
Rugby HP Diploma (with Business Studies)
R63 000 - first years;
R55 000 – 2’d years
Internship Year (year 3)R27 500
Accommodation and mealsDouble room R48 300; Single room R54 100
(1 meal/day during week included)
Student fund (social, tour)R5 000 (students that use SRA accommodation) or
R3 000 (students that use private accommodation)
*Costs for other courses are dealed with seperately.

Contact Details:

(T): +27 21 887 7432
(F): +27 86 211 0577

Physical address: Lion’s Head nr 3, MT Simon Estate, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 7612

Postal address: PO Box 6004, Uniedal, 7600