Rugby, sport and the business industry is a multi-billion-rand industry and is the creator of many thousands of jobs. There is a definite gap in SA and overseas regarding professional players, sport coaches and managers. We understand that if we want to send a generation of students into the market that have an advantage over other students, they must be equipped with:

- A relevant qualification. Therefore, we assist students to complete the Higher Certificate (“bridging course”) in year 1 - to proceed with their degree studies in year 2.
- Sufficient practical experience. Student already starts with his internship from year 1 - to integrate his academic knowledge with work experience in the appropriate field.


- Equip students with comprehensive and practical skills so that they can start and run their own businesses (entrepreneurs); or could be involved in other businesses (business managers). - Train competent sport professionals.

Higher Certificate in Business

(Qualification code: 98236; NQF level 5; 120 credits)

UNISA has a proud history in SA, which dates back as far as 1873. More than 400 000 students are being supported to achieve their dreams through open distance learning. UNISA is accredited by CHE (Council on Higher Education) as well as international. A qualification obtained at UNISA, is seen as very valuable by prospective employers. Unisa offers a diverse choice of study fields at levels from certificate to degree.

Students must have a National Senior Certificate (matric), with at least 30% in the language of teaching, and 30% in Mathematics.

Content of course

Year 1Year 2
BNU1501 - Numeracy

HRM1501 - Human Resource Management

MNM1501 - Personal Selling

MNM1502 - Customer Service

MNM1503 - Marketing

MNM1505 - Consumer Behaviour

MNM1507 - Marketing Communication

MNM1520 - Public Relations

SUS 1501 - Sustainability and Greed

MNM1522 - Branding


Unisa provides the material and structure, and we present the course as full time classes on campus. This course duration is 1 year and is presented from June (year 1) to June (year 2). This give our students the opportunity to complete most practical courses in the begining of the year (semester 1), register in time and then start studying.

Students receive all material (paper and / or electronic), attend lectures and conduct ongoing tasks, tests / exams on modules. . Students will have access to discussion forums on myunisa, where study material will also be provided. Attendance results of classes appears weekly on our website. Unisa also has an examination centre in Stellenbosch.

Succesful students immediately start with their degree studies after completing this course (June - year 2).

Internship or Practical programme

This is unique, as students start their internship from day 1, and in this way start writing their on CV. The practical programme offers a balance of theoretical study, practical training and work-based learning experience to prepare students for the exciting world of sport and business. It is a structured and practical learning experience.


We offer a variety of great short courses with practical experience. It gives students chances to be head and shoulders above the rest in the industry.

Year 1
Coaching (World Rugby level 1)

Sevens (World Rugby level 1)

Laws of the Game (World Rugby)

Referee 1 (World Rugby)
Concussion / Keep Rugby Clean

SARU Boksmart Safety

Chaperone / Teamwork

Tag rugby

Social media

Rugby Performance Analyses

Sport massage
Year 2
Coaching (World Rugby level 2)

Sevens (World Rugby level 2)

SARU Club Management
Sport Psychology

PT in schools

Rugby medic
Work / Play rugby Overseas

Sport Chaplin



The courses are mostly presented on campus. Students receive material (paper and / or electronic), attend courses and conduct tasks or tests. We asssit with the practical work. Parents receive results on our reports (twice a year - and attendance stats of classes appears weekly on our website). The more practical experience - the better of your chance to get a good job!
Make sure you bring a tablet or laptop. A vehicle is recommended – not compulsary.

Career possibilities

• Ability to coach at junior to club level
• Qualify to referee at school and club level
• Game and performance analyst
• Coach different sport codes
• Assist with First aid and occupational health and safety
• PT trainers in schools
• Fitness and conditioning coach – individuals and teams
• Lifestyle consultant, present life skills
• Programme designer
• Sport massage
• Sports Club, facility administrator and manager
• Community sports leader and Corporate sports officer
• Manager and Team manager
• Sport tournament - or sport project manager
• Sponsorship management, marketer
• Financial management in sport environment
• Player recruitment, scouting
• Entrepreneurship or small business management
• Sport Chaplin at sport teams
• Career planning

There are also other courses available. It will be explained in more detail now.

Other courses

Whether you have a passion for rugby as player, coach, referee or game analyst - and want to make it your career, or you want to combine it with other relevant academic courses - we offer an opportunity for you!

We also offer students a variety of other study options. Courses are available from the University of Stellenbosch, Unisa, Intec, Boland College, Master Maths, and other online options. SRA supply staff members as mentors for distance education students. We also asssist students to improve their matric results.

1. Unisa: BEd, BCom (or other degrees)

Unisa offers a variety of accredited degree, diploma or certificate courses. The favourite Unisa courses are: BEd Education, BCom Business Management, Sport and Business management (short course) or the Higher Certificate courses (to qualify for degree studies).

Our coordinator will meet students during class time as their mentor, and also coordinate the Support programme. We place students in schools / businesses after their second year, to start working (earning a salary – schools pay for degree) and study if they want to. More info on our web site. We would strongly recommend that students apply by end September at Unisa (R105), just to keep their options open. It cannot be done at a later stage. Then they can register the following year during January or June for a specific course. More info available on request.

Bachelor of Education - Intermediate Phase (4 years)

There is a huge need in our schools for well trained male teachers and coaches. This BEd Degree focuses on the education & training of Grade 4 – Grade 9 learners. A National Senior Certificate (Degree endorsement) with an achievement rating of 4 (50% - 59%) or better in the language of learning and teaching is required.

BCom - Marketing Management (4 years)

This degree opens career opportunities in business: as marketing managers, sales managers, advertising managers, product managers, brand managers, marketing research managers, marketing planning managers sales representatives or marketing consultants in the manufacturing, services or retail industries. A National Senior Certificate (Degree endorsement) with an achievement rating of 4 (50% - 59%), in the language of learning and Mathematics is required.

2. Intec College (computer to technical studies)

INTEC College offers the widest range of distance-learning courses covering many disciplines from computer to technical studies. It is a modern SA College with a solid track record spanning more than 100 years. Courses are relevant and adaptable. They have branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth and Durban. INTEC is accredited by Umalusi, the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training, (Umalusi Prov. Accr. No. FET 00037 PA.). The Rugby Academy supply mentors for students, and INTEC ongoing study support and individual attention from qualified tutors. See their web site:

3. Matric / University of Stellenbosch

We offer a unique support program in January / February, where our students are assisted in the March Supplementary examination to obtain their matriculation - exemption or better their marks. Mathematics and Science can also be done in town by Master Maths. It is important that students immediately register with the Department of Education, with Luckhoff Secondary in Stellenbosch as the Examination centre.

Some students would like to play Young Guns or Varsity Cup. They can either write the supplementary matric exam to better their marks or study via Unisa (certain subjects are recognized by US) - and study the next year at US. More information is available on request.