March 3, 2016
March 3, 2016
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We believe this is one of the most innovative courses in the sport, and more specifically the rugby environment. We want to train working professionals (coaches, referees and analysts )to acquire new workplace-ready, practical skills – andadvance their careers. Our short courses are presented entirely online. This means that you will access all course material via our on-line platform, Singularity, from wherever you are, on whatever device, without having to attend any lectures.


It is unique because it gives our students a holistic understanding as the learning (theory) and practical (training) compliments each other all the time. Furthermore we combine SRA’s philosophy about sports and rugby with world class partners like World Rugby (previously IRB), SARU and Unisa. You can expect to receive a rich and engaging learning experience that benefits from the latest advances in coaching and online learning technologies.


Study anywhere, anytime


We understand that you might have family, work or personal commitments, and finding a way to advance your career without having to make strenuous time commitments is a priority for you. Our learning model allows you to achieve this; because you can do our courses any time during the year. You will complete one module per week, which is released every Monday. Our modular, goal-orientated course structure creates a disciplined approach to learning that helps keep you on track to meet important course milestones on time, in a structured and supported way. The student can do separate modules, or the total course to receive a Certificate.


Just because our courses are online, does not mean our students are left to learn in isolation: we prioritise developing personal and individualised relationships with each of our students to ensure their success on our courses.The student wil receive the following:


  • Student guide: Aims of course, content, duration (sessions), dates, requirements, lecturer’s contact info.
  • Material: Professional Power Point/s, and relevant resource material
  • Practical: Students can also attend certain training sessions or do relevant World Rugby courses to combine theory / practical and SRA / rest of the world. There is also an Assessment task for each course.Personalised support: Technical and administrative support is always one click or call away.