Welcome to SRA!

Globally over 7.2 million people play rugby, and even more are connected to the business of the sport. If you want to be a part of the worldwide development of rugby, the Rugby High Performance Diploma course is your chance to take your career to the next level!

In cooperation with world class partners like World Rugby (previously IRB), SARU and other top training providers, we develop the unique RUGBY HIGH PERFORMANCE DIPLOMA, where players, managers, and coaches are trained in ONE programme. We believe it is one of the most innovative and challenging rugby courses in the world! See examples of the week programmes on our web site (documents / training programmes).


Stellenbosch is widely regarded as the home of SA rugby, with a rich tradition over more than 150 years. It is home of:

- The well-loved father of modern Maties rugby, Doc Danie Craven, was a Springbok player, Springbok coach, President of the SA Rugby Union, President of the IRB and mentor of many Springbok players.
- The University of Stellenbosch (Maties), is the biggest rugby club in the world, and the club that has produced the most Springboks.
- The famous Boys’ School, Paul Roos Gymnasium, named after the first Springbok captain of 1906; and alma mater of the most Springboks of any school in SA.

Meet our Director - Alie Brand

“We believe SRA is God’s business. Through our Christ centred approach in all our activities, we follow a unique approach to our training methods in order to prepare our students not only for a successful sports career, but also for life in general.”

- Founded SRA in 2004.
- Higher Diploma in Education, a BA and MPhil degree (Stellenbosch University).
- 15 years teaching experience at schools and at Boland College, where he filled the positions of Project Manager, Campus Head and Sports Manager.
- Qualified referee and coach (level 2).
- Involved in club management since 1999, including the management of Van der Stel, Helderberg and Maties.


Better people – Better performance

We believe success is determined by character (90%) and competence (10%).

If you want to be a well-rounded player or coach, you should first and foremost be a well-rounded man. Therefore, we want to train the whole person: physically, academically and spiritually. At SRA we follow a unique approach to our training methods in order to prepare our students not only for a successful sports career, but also for life in general.

When a student enrols at SRA, he becomes part of the Rugby Academy family. The student, his parent(s) and staff become equal partners in their education and training. Therefore, we urge you to go and see the film "Courageous" as a family together, to understand the vision of the Stellenbosch Rugby Academy.

Students will receive an information letter and training programme during November. The Rugby Academy officially opens on Monday 14 January 2019 for students (registration day), and parents can make final arrangements on 15 January. You are more than welcome to come and visit us, take a tour of our facilities or attend some of the activities during the year. Visit our website, Facebook, YouTube channel, Instagram for more information, videos and photos.

We look forward to meet you, and play a role in preparing you to make a success of your life in every way.

Are you prepared to work hard to become the best you can be – every day in and out, every month in and out, every year in and out?

Come and live your dream!
Alie Brand